People of AC – Staff with 6-10 Years of Service

Photo of Staff Staff with 6-10 Years of Service! They are (Top row, from left): Jeannie Doiron, Community Living Ombudsman (7 years); Pamela Fisher, Director of Development & External Relations (7 years); Daniel Casbergue, Systems Administrator (8 years); Koki Otero, Attorney (7 years); Beth DeBlanc, Client Advocate (6 years). (Bottom row, from left): Laurie Peller, Attorney (10 years); Emily LeJeune, Chief Financial Officer (9 years); Susan Meyers, Attorney (10 years); Ora Cutno, Community Living Ombudsman (8 years); Cathey Hill, Community Living Ombudsman (8 years); Sheena Boston, Community Living Ombudsman Regional Coordinator (8 years); Jenaphur Krantz, Executive Assistant (6 years); Miranda Tait, Attorney (9 years).

AC Helps Children and Youth with Disabilities Obtain Dental Care

AC's Director of Litigation & Systems Advocacy Nell Hahn recently helped a young man obtain dental services that had been denied by Medicaid. In doing so, she discovered 66 other children and youth who had received the same denials.

Medicaid-Funded Personal Care Services for Children and Adults with Disabilities

Medicaid card holders who meet certain eligibility criteria may be able to access personal care services through Medicaid without waiting for the waiver.

AC Seeking Sponsors for Friendraising Luncheon

The Advocacy Center is seeking sponsorships for its sixth annual Friendraising Luncheon, to be held at the Audubon Tea Room in New Orleans on May 13, 2015. We rely on sponsorships to defray the cost of the luncheon and ensure that all funds raised that day directly support our work to protect, empower, and advocate for children and adults with disabilities and seniors throughout Louisiana.

AC Offers Assistance with PARCC Test Accommodations

Louisiana is one of several states requiring students to take the PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) test. If your child has been denied a PARCC test accommodation, contact the Advocacy Center at 1-800-960-7705.

People of AC – Staff with 11-15 Years of Service

Photo of Staff Staff with 11-15 Years of Service! They are, from left: Katy Martinez, Community Living Ombudsman Regional Coordinator (12 years); Jeff Rowe, Program Director (11 years); Bill Minvielle, Community Living Ombudsman Regional Coordinator (15 years); John Felt, Chief Information Officer (13 years); Jeanne Abadie, Compliance Specialist (12 years); Mamie Matte, Secretary (11 years); Quincy Branch, Receptionist (12 years); David Gallegos, Program Director (14 years); and Stephanie Patrick, Director of Policy & Planning (11 years). Charles Tubre, in front, celebrated his 13th year of employment at AC before he passed away last December.