Board & Advisors

Advocacy Center of Louisiana Board of Directors

The Advocacy Center of Louisiana’s Board of Directors is a group of no fewer than nine people, at least sixty percent of who are persons with disabilities or family members of people with disabilities.  They come from every walk of life, throughout the state of Louisiana. Some are attorneys, social service providers, accountants, professors; several have no particular professional affiliation, but are people who have a disability or who are moms, dads and/or grandparents of people with disabilities. They come from various racial/ethnic groups and from every age group.

2018 Board of Directors


Dale Higgins, President
Congressional District 1

Warren Herbert, Vice President
Congressional District 2

Cathy Lazerus, Secretary
Congressional District 1

Gloria Mays, Treasurer
Congressional District 5

Board Members

Rickii Ainey
Congressional District 2

Jason Durham
Congressional District 1

Anita Gray
Congressional District 6

Bradley Spedale
Congressional District 1

James Thompson, Treasurer
Congressional District 1

Cathy Lazarus
Congressional District 1

Gisele Proby-Bryant
Congressional District 4

Courtney Vance
Congressional District

Patsy White, PAIMI Chair 

The Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI) Advisory Council supports the Advocacy Center of Louisiana by working with its staff and Board of Directors to develop priorities for the agency’s PAIMI program. Advisory members oversee the general effectiveness of the program and work with staff to bring about any needed changes.

2017-18 PAIMI Council


Patsy White, Chair
Patti DeMichele, Co-Chair

Advisory Members

Katherine Anders
West Monroe, LA

Paget Bazile
River Ridge, LA

Laura Bonnett

Patricia DeMichele
Metarie, LA

Margaret Gleason
New Orleans, LA

Danielle Laborde
Slidell, LA

Lorenza Lawless
Marrero, LA

Sandy Sulzer
Lafayette, LA