People of the AC: Amanda Hass

Amanda Hass, Gillis Long Graduate for Justice Fellow  

What is a recent accomplishment you'd like to share?
Certainly, passing the Louisiana bar exam is a recent significant accomplishment. But, I'm very happy about the first case I worked on during this fellowship with Alexis Clay, regarding the discharge of a nursing facility resident. I love it when things are happening fast, and my first day was to respond to a TRO filed by opposing counsel. We got it done, and opposing counsel negotiated with Alexis to take the resident back. I like to think he was intimidated by our filing which showed that we would not back down.
What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I am kind of a luddite. I don't own a TV or a microwave, and until last year, I didn't have wifi in my home (that is, I moved apartments and it was included).