The work of the Advocacy Center of Louisiana is guided by the following priorities. All our activities – representing and assisting individuals or groups, working to change systems, outreach and training – are to further one or more of our priorities.


● Elimination of physical and programmatic barriers to critical programs and services.


● Representation in cases in which the client has a critical need to maintain autonomy, has no other source of representation, and where there is a reasonable chance of success.


● Reduce incidences of illegal exclusions from schools.
● Obtain appropriate transition services.


● Ensure that adults with disabilities are given opportunities to engage in competitive employment.
● Ensure that people with disabilities have access to information, advice and representation in the area of rehabilitation services, and that beneficiaries of Social Security are aware of their employment rights.
● Ensure that students with disabilities have access to Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS), particularly related to LRS transition obligations under Workforce Investment and Opportunities Act (WIOA).
● Ensure that beneficiaries of Social Security are informed about how their employment status affects critical benefits and services.

Healthcare / Home and Community-Based Services

● Ensure that people with disabilities and seniors have access to necessary healthcare and long-term supports and services via Bayou Choices, Bayou Health and Legacy Medicaid, which will allow them to remain in their homes.
● Ensure that people with developmental disabilities who are waiver recipients have access to an independent advocate to assist them with rights protection and quality of life issues.

Rights Protection

● Ensure that the rights of people with disabilities living in institutions and residential facilities, other than jails, prisons and nursing homes, are protected and enforced, and that they are able to live in adequate and humane conditions, are able to access services in the community, and able to exercise autonomy to the maximum extent possible.
● Correct egregious conditions of neglect or abuse in prisons and jails.
● Improve conditions, protect and enforce rights, and increase opportunities for community integration for people living in nursing homes.
● Protect the rights of people with disabilities receiving social security benefits who have representative payees.


● Eliminate barriers to voting.
● Increase knowledge of voting rights.