Agency & Services

Download  Advocacy Center of Louisiana Basics

Download  AC Services for People with Physical Disabilities

Download  AC Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Download  AC Services for People with Mental Illness

Download  AC Services for People with Traumatic Brain Injury (COMING SOON)

Download  AC Services for Children and Youth with Disabilities

Download  AC Services for Older Adults

Download  AC Assistive Technology Services



Download  Fair Housing Fact Sheet

Download  Fair Housing, People with Disabilities & Other Protected Classes for Landlords


Advocacy Skills

  Ten Steps to Being an Effective Advocate

Download  Legislative Advocacy



 Download  Education Rights of Children with Disabilities: A Guide for Parents

 Download  Rights of Students with Disabilities

 Download  AC Transition Services

 Download  LRS Involvement in Transition Services



Download  AC Employment Services for People with Disabilities

Download  AC Work Incentives Assistance & Planning Program (WIPA)

Download  AC Transition Services

Download  LA Rehab Services Involvement in Transition

Download  Employment Rights of Individuals with Disabilities:
Rights under the ADA, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and LA Law

Download  Knowing the Road: A Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation

Download  On Your Own Behalf: A Guide to the LRS Appeals Process


Healthcare/Home and Community-Based Services

Download  AC Supported Independent Living Advocacy Project

Download  AC Guide to Waiver Services (COMING SOON)

Download  Medicaid

Download  Medicare

Download  Medigap

Download  Social Security

Download  Supplemental Social Security


Institutional Care

Download  Rights of Persons with Mental Illness in Institutions

Download  Rights of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Institutions

Download  Minors’ Rights in Institutions

Download  Discharge Planning

Download  Treatment Plan

Download  Choosing a Nursing Home and Making It Work For You

Download  Guide to Rights of Residents of ICFs/MR in Louisiana:
Information for Residents, Advocates, and Staff of Residential Facilities for Persons with Developmental Disabilities


Legal Status/Living Wills/Powers of Attorney

Download  Legal Status in Louisiana:
A Guide to Full and Limited Interdiction, Continuing Tutorship, Representation and Mandate, and Representative Payment

Download  Living Wills

Download  Representation: Procuration and Mandate: Power of Attorney



Download  Voting Basics

Download  Creating an Accessible Political Campaign:
Practical Tips to Include People with Disabilities and Win More Votes